26 July 2016


Fats and Cancer

A lesson on fats. Because it matters.

You have to start with a basic understanding that when most medical personnel tell you a low fat, high fiber, high vegetable diet might help from getting cancer again they are talking about a modern "understanding" that most fats are bad. Low fat yogurt and milk, etc. are chemical disasters.
What Dr. Weston A. Price discovered is that there are different varieties of fats and some are very good for you, in fact, he found NO indigenous culture that did not have animal fats as part of their diet. Yes, bacon, good for you (organ meats are better), vegetable oil....not so much. Whole fat milk products, even raw, excellent....fried twinkie.....nope.
Our modern food pyramid is pretty messed up.


You can read for yourself.

Sugar, not fat, is actually our biggest enemy. We consume 2,000 pounds more than people did before the turn of the century. People still got cancer, this is true, but definitely not at the rate that it's occurring now.

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*not medical advise to the extent that this is should in anyway replace a certified Dr.'s medical advise upon receiving a cancer diagnosis

05 July 2016

Crafting A Nation Official Extended Trailer

The hard work, self reliance, and community that places like this represent. It's restorative, it's rooting. I think if American Christians could get see that, they wouldn't get so hung up on the alcohol. There are other things that can be done, surely, but we NEED to return to "self reliance" and when I say that, it's man against nature....and therefore completely dependent on the Creator. Too far removed, way too removed from knowing where our sustenance comes from.

09 May 2016

03 May 2016


I am going to say this once and refer people here. Based upon my own experiences with vaccines concerning my two kids, I do not vaccinate. It's not a hill I want to die on, but it's a hill I will die on if gov. gets all out draconian.
At best, for me, vaccines hold off a few diseases but they are in no way magical and there are a few pretty serious, as far as harmful, elements that make them up. At worst, it's an attempt to sterilize a population or spread disease, disability.
My principle is as follows, almost directly related to the surplus required now for children. What the logic is, I don't know. Seems the more advanced, health wise, a population is the less is needed. However, stigma with not getting them and the increased antagonism from Doctors is alarming and invokes reflection. After all are we not a free society? Just because I don't buy into your form of magic does not mean I don't love my kids or that I am trying to make yours sick.
I hope that God can turn hearts to rely upon Him again....for all things. Not to discount medical advances but to put them in their place in a fallen world. No miracle comes from the hands of men. Also, as I watch and wait I must be uncompromising in my thirst for justice. Bonhoeffer was offered compromises left and right. The church was bound and determined to find a middle ground with Hitler. Bonhoeffer knew as long as people were being slaughtered in genocide, no compromise could be made.
Like I said it's not a hill ready to die on, but I will. Right now the decision is rather private but that could all change as eyes open or as gov. get increasingly forceful, swaying public opinion with propaganda etc.

27 April 2016

Hollywood Using Women's Body Parts

Here. You don't really need to see the pics to know the truth of this. The more women are objectified, the more we head to 3rd world like treatment of women. Oh, it's coming. Women, find some dignity. Sometimes our situation means that it won't be easy, but remember Adam had everything in the garden (Genesis). What he lacked was a companion, not an object, not personal satisfaction, not security, not property, but a helper and relationship. Women, see your worth (I was from a school that balked at this), killing your babies won't return it, dignity and boundaries will. These are God given. He designed you and loves you.

02 April 2016

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