02 October 2015

Change of Climate

"Our culture that praises war and punishes truth-tellers of necessity must change....our true heroes include those who have risked their lives and lost their freedoms in an effort to alert the people to our own government's misdeeds. The warmongers are fond of calling those heroes traitors. Truth is something to which warmongers cannot easily adapt. Truth becomes treasonous in an empire of lies." Ron Paul "Swords into Plowshares"

Our blind yielding to status quo has got to change. We should be welcoming of different opinions. Keeps things in check, and not just in politics. How many doctors have been silenced? Trying to REALLY care for patients?

01 October 2015

It was Coming

I love the, totally unfounded, half the story, articles entitled as this and such, "Vaccines: No link to Autism, again." Then why keep posting articles? Threatened much?

"I have seen both children and adults develop gluten sensitivity [manifest in autistic like symptoms] after vaccinations and after having been exposed to high keels of electromagnetic radiation. It is well known that both vaccinations and electromagnetic fields (EMF) can harm the immune system." - Dr. Harold Blomberg

So don't get so slap happy with the vaccines and put down the cellphones every once in awhile....as suggested.

29 September 2015

The GMO modern wheat problem

"When scientists made extensive genetic changes of wheat...., especially of the gluten parts, they never questioned how these changes could affect consumers. And the evidence indicates that the breeding has made wheat more harmful to our health.....Additionally consumption of wheat has increased dramatically for at least two reasons. It has become cheaper and more popular. And last but not least: by harming the intestinal lining and causing a leaky gut it becomes addictive and creates a craving to eat more of it." Dr. Harold Blomberg

26 September 2015

Oh wow, another really good REASON not to be fighting in the Middle East.

25 September 2015


I am reading, or trying to read, a chapter a day out of all four of these books I am reading. Right now it's Ron Paul again. At the top of each chapter he has song lyrics. They have opened my eyes to well known artists for whom it was, for me, not so known that they were/are activists. 60s, ok, but to still continue and be consistent, and informed, like Jackson Brown? #applause

"It's not religious fanaticism, except for in very few cases, that prompts people to commit suicide in an effort to kill combatants...Rather [it] is occupation by foreign military." Study by Professor Robert Pape "Swords into Plowshares" -Ron Paul

23 September 2015

Got migraines? (The scads of people I know). Try removing gluten from your diet. Researched by Dr Mario's Hadjivassiliou <----seriously? I need a doctorate to pronounce that. Can you imagine that as a stage name? Bon Iver just got upped.

22 September 2015

Here is a CHANCE to be involved in a prayer vigil for Saeed, who has been abandoned in an Iranian cell ( one solid reason to pull our troops out ). I thought we were suppose to be fighting...? this sort of....? well, never mind.

"Once a war is underway the process of deceit continues with regard to the troops who return with broken bodies and broken minds, especially when the wars were never justified. Admitting that the wars are senseless and in vain is too much to bear."  "To overcome the lies governments tell, we must seek truth. What is required is knowledge and a belief in moral principle that rejects the wars the government starts for the benefit of the powerful few at the expense of the people." -Ron Paul "Swords into Plowshares". This book makes me furious and anxious....read it and give it to someone else to read.