29 January 2016

Get the Sugar Out

It's not okay to hate cancer enough to tell you about Jesus, meanwhile doing nothing about it. I'm siting Bonhoeffer's resolve to go after the problem. Sugar feeds candida. People are dying by the truckload. Having said that, if I come visit you in the hospital and you have a large Diet "whatever" next to you and a happy meal, I will dump it. In love. You might not want to invite me.....I'm starting a movement, with a more positive approach (I start a lot in my mind). Slow food meals to cancer patients. You can't put junk in the gas tank and expect your body to heal.

What could we call this group? How could we organize it? We can spread the love of Christ through food!!

26 January 2016

American Picket Fence

Some of you know that, as we all are, I am a multi- faceted person. I think, generally speaking, women have a handle on this, more so than men, purely because, as a mother, sometimes we HAVE to be.

If I wasn't creating, and I kid you not, I would be dead. The first thing God shows us about Himself in  scripture is His creativity. Creativity and imagination drive pretty much every progress; scientific, or artistic, or economical on some scale, also, need, but I think we all would be missing a core part of what makes us tick if we didn't exercise our imagination, or work out what inspires us. Walking dead.
Having said that and without further ado, new EP, here.

No more of that shameless self promoting here, but it does lead me to a topic that combines my passions and my desire for justice and my whole hearted support of just causes like the ones you see on that there right side links column.

The next musical project!!

I have finally got a little more grasp on mixing. I am not thinking any more, after a long time, that this "gift" as I am still leery of saying, is one big fat hoax meant to embarrass me or put me out in unswimmable waters. I am learning, that though the waters are not at times manageable, God is the manager, and a project like "American Picket Fence" which will wrestle with the idea of getting back to our roots or Foundation (Jesus) HAS to be God's doing. That is what I learned from "a song in the night".

Just straightening my gaze over here. Don't mind me.

13 January 2016

Dear Nicki Minaj

"And if I'm fake, I ain't notice cause my money ain't..." -Monster (KW)

Ummmmm, actually it is. #auditthefed #supportrandpaul #endthefed #actionnow

11 January 2016

10 January 2016

I'm comin' Back

I'll be writing here again, by God's grace. Supporting causes that I support, working on a tangible idea of my own.
I'll be candid. I have had a hard time being lonsuffering with my oldest, who has autistic symptoms. The minute one throws that label down, the "how could yous" start, because now it's a condition.
The truth is, as parents, especially if the special needs child is your first, you don't necessarily know that there is something else, an "easier" version of parenting. Mine manifested itself in my second born son. "Oh....."
Everybody is an expert....after.
My poor baby....what he dealt with, with me, dealing with him.
I still get short tempered, sarcastic even. I've had to listen to videos of myself, recently, annoyed at him for not listening......I feel like I apologize sometimes all day to him. This is the long haul, though, and by God grace, we'll make it. I would rather risk losing my mind, involving him in what I'm a part of, than shutting him out. I'd rather push him past his comfort zone, which is tiny, than give him excuses to disconnect.
Someday, by God's grace I'll own a farm, where I can minister, and if I'm not mature enough, welcome families dealing with autism. The kids can explore in a peaceful place, animals, and terrain, and parents can rest (parents of special needs are tired). Somehow, without being overbearing, I'll try to communicate that the right diet can and will illeviate symptoms. Farm fresh food, bone broth, seminars and community. I can see it now!

08 December 2015

Donald (possibly Ronald Mc)

Hey hey, Trumpy, ask me ask me!!  I know this may sound far fetched and simplistic, after all, I personally find it odd, my neighbors prefer that I use my own bathroom, and overall, mind my own business.....who knew. Maybe we should keep our arsenals in our own country instead of the Middle East....then do some more figuring.  Worth a crack at it.

04 December 2015

Are Organic Companies Exploiting Consumers?

A loaded question, but a good one, nonetheless. I imagine it's similar to the question are, "Indy Music companies exploiting listeners?"

The answer sort of presents itself with the opposition. Who or what discourages organic food? Companies that want the corner on the market producing cheap food. One headliner is Monsanto. I won't go into details, but this is an extremely corrupt corporation that has it's fingers in our actual government.

Indy music. Who or what is the opposition? Major labels, that want to exploit musicians and fans alike. They desire monopoly, not a well rounded market. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So, is it actually beneficial for organic or Indy companies to start? Leave out whether or not the music is actually Indy, or whether or not the food is actually organic (there is always corruption). Is it lucrative, or are these companies most likely started upon principle, or good motives? Seems as though these companies have an uphill battle to begin with. Take a look at the opposition again.

I was reading a verse just the other day. How "everything that God MADE is good to eat." The hair splitters say, well, eventually, if we cut back enough of the pieces "HFCS" was made by God, "cuz, duh, no one calls anything into existence." Did God make the Tower of Babel too?