17 March 2017

What is the Vision for this Book?

I am not really looking at a Christian audience for this book, though I am a Christian, it has more of a textbook feel to me. Therefore, I am really not qualified to write it....yet. "Nourishing Traditions" written by a woman passionate about food and her research, but no degree, as far as I am aware, co-wrote the book with a MD in Nutrition. It is an excellent book that SHOULD be used as a textbook, based on the work of Weston A. Price (another Dr.). I would like to see this idea of Emotion Blocks used as a tool for those who are visual and are emotional/relational impaired and/or damaged by abuse, deployment, drug use, etc. The list goes on and on. The following is an explanation of the test that was done for my son as I observed it. I would just like to take this to a more mainstream level, I'll explain more, when it comes to this epidemic we call autism. or any other relational impairment. My son was hell on wheels...er legs for any teacher totally unaware of his condition. He didn't appear to be listening, he would act out and hit somebody, zone out, play with his hands, anything BUT pay attention in class, starting from two years of kindergarten (different here in Germany) on into his first years of school. What to do? He could not sense the teacher was getting upset, he did not catch the tone, the pressure, the "signs" as it were, nothing. This didn't surprise me at all, I lived with him. He had just learned, early, when mom talks, it's important. In fact, I had to go to his classroom and sit in the back for awhile to keep Keane on task. Turns out, just a little more stiffness was necessary for the strong willed side of him. (I love him to his toes). So here is what they did. They would post a smiley face for him to see that things were going well, and if his behavior was going downhill, the face would move down a graph into the red zone and change to a frowny face. This seems simple, almost obtuse, mean even, but it was the ONLY thing that would communicate to Keane in the way Keane needed to be communicated with. And, goodness, did he react to it. The truth is, a lot of these people HAVE NO idea that what they are doing is affecting others in a negative manner, and in some cases these poor people are just trying to survive. I want to build, with expertise, a visual tool for them to refer to.

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