07 March 2017

the last one

Four blocks, fifth section.
This is strangely connected to the dead line on the other side. This is a sociopath, passive in their destruction of others, because the destruction is usually centered upon themselves, i.e. addiction. On the other end (the dead line), these folks appear to be somewhat operational in public, yet are vicious and abusive to all that know them well. Over here on the passive side of this sociopath arch, they are rendered useless to society, usually end up homeless, care facilities, a burden to their family, unable to keep jobs, they hardly function. Extremely locked in by their emotional/relational break down. They are easily manipulated. Often you will see the male side and the female side of this arch forming a duo. She is extremely needy and can't see through his passive aggressive behavior that, at the onset, seems pretty lively and exciting, or maybe his aggression makes her feel safe in some weird way. Anyway it's a match made in...ends with an "L". She is NOT in any way, immune to being abusive and landing on the other side, vise versa, that is the nature of this arch way. And he, usually when he is caught find himself extremely remorseful....no change. The sad thing is that EVERYONE at some time or another has battled with this arch, and furthermore the way they treat their children or others, can influence them into becoming decided members of this menacing club. There are obviously levels and different extremes, and that is why I would like to study this more. I think sometimes we are unaware of the way we are affecting people, I hope this will be a tool to help others VISUALIZE proper relationships with others. Lots to do.

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