02 March 2017

Emotional Relational Perfection

The section with two blocks in the center represents emotional/relation perfection. Basically Jesus. Bad news, you won't ever rest here for long, good news, definitely, at least for Christians, it's ready to aim at, through Him.

Always forgiving. Prepared to confront in an informed, rational manner while maintaining the dignity of the other person. Kind. Generous with resources. Always looking for ways to invest in the other's wellbeing without giving over their own soul. Ladies, your husbands don't get your identity. Normal men don't want this anyway. Avoid the four block and stay out of that kind of desperation. Jesus never relented His identity to anyone and they threatened his life and killed him for it. However, He honored His Father and obeyed unto death. He had given up his will, not his soul. One frees you the other leaves you hopeless.
Back to Perfection. This person loves unconditionally. They are committed to integrity and they seek restoration even through personal sacrifice. *le sigh*

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