01 March 2017

A Block Section at a Time

I guess as I go about explaining the blocks, it will, more and more become clear why a visual like this could revolutionize the healing process for those who have been abused, or are unaware of their social responsibilities, or are unable to respond due to a misunderstanding of the purpose of emotion. I saw a documentary about the Taj Mahal. In the documentary totally unrelated to the subject at hand, this man was explaining that the relationship between the Taj and his wife (for whom he had built that magnificent tomb) was rare to Indian culture. Romantic love is not a necessary part of Indian marriages, generally speaking. As a woman, this is a horrifying thought. I think, as far back as history allows though, we can see that cutting off emotion was pretty much mode of operation in male dominated cultures (all of them). I mean, who needs all that mess, when you can get things done without it?
After all, there was plenty of King David to go around, man. He married many wives, as well as his son Solomon...who married many, che chem ...and entertained many more, many. If you take a look at the numbers, there is no way they were all getting "a date a month" to reconnect and work on their relationships. I do not want to knock one of my spiritual heroes, and his story indicates that God can and will use anyone, no matter the culture norms, but it was never God's plan, according to my view, that there be more wives in the van, you know, in case the other one(s) is getting a little to emotionally weighty, and/or less lovely to look at. Who cares what she thinks, she's just a woman after all. The point being, there is not a lot of motivation for a man to keep the home fires burning, and their wife attended to, as it were, if it is not socially/culturally accepted to get a divorce (i.e. less developed countries). Boom! Make it feaux paux, nothing to worry about. Listen carefully. In some cultures she has no choice, or she risks being ostrasized, her only choice, no matter what kinda jerk she found herself with, is to stay and make the best of it. We are going to get into what a jerk she can be on the other side of this thing. Throughout history until now, culture has operated this way, and the only change has come in industrialized countries. Now, in Western culture, if women gets tired of the cold front, pretty near dead man, laying on the couch in front of his third episode of Bay Watch, ogling half dressed, far "prettier" examples of what she will never be, she can leave his rotting back end stationed where it's at, and sadly, try to find greener pastures. I hope the audience is aware, I don't believe this is the answer. So what is? So let us start from the beginning. Emotion block...1 and 2. These blocks particularly the line, are "drive" oriented. The line is deadly, because this person will use harmful means to forward his purposes or control emotional situations. Whether it is verbal, physical, sexually exploitative, neglectful, or violent. This is pretty much a common criminal, where actual victims are involved. The second block (a single block) is indicative of someone who struggles, but is vaguely aware of the emotional needs around them.They also possess a moral compass that withholds them from harming others. However these guys are a tad dense. Mostly when the bottom has flung out are they aware of some loose emotional ends, or there has been some kind of a disaster. This person is dumbstruck on the whole, when broached with emotional uprisings. In short they do not see anything coming, but they are not trying to control outcomes, necessarily, might avoid them like the plague, but they are not necessarily harmful people. This person should make more of an effort to meet emotional needs. I just watched the first part of Ragamuffin, where the film describes Rich Mullin's Dad. He was a man between these two blocks. On one hand he was functioning as someone responsive to his wife and motivated by attending needs other than his own, but his manner in dealing with Rich was a single dead line. Unable to embrace how Rich was made, and entirely motivated by fear to control him and ridicule him into being the kind of person he thought he should be. He fell back to the line as a tactic, not as a normal mode of operation.

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