08 September 2015

Sorry about the vacancies....plus muffins

I am obviously not keeping up with my food blogs about Weston Price. My computer is not working, still, so until I get a new one or have the old one fixed, all is at a stand still.

I have been watching documentaries, reading (planning what I am going to read next), still working on music (that's a given), and waiting on The Lord.

This weekend I am making muffies <----that's what we call them around here, for a Praise Concert. Halle 2, Heidelberg, 1:00. Saturday, be there. It benefits the homeless in the area.

These are the recipes I have lined up, that won't cost me a lot to make "healthier". I say healthier in quotation marks because it immediately sounds like I'm endeavoring to make moldable chalk dust, in handy serving size.  But this is how we SHOULD be making our food. Real fats, raw sweeteners, whole grains, etc. and the food tastes better. Also, you aren't hungry in two minutes.

Skinny Double Chocolate


Lemon Blueberry Cornmeal


Gluten Free Banana Muffins


Apple Cinnamon Whole Grain


I might make a few minor adjustments, I'll let you know. :)

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