10 March 2008

2 Month Birthday

Hey Everybody!

I'm two months old (eight weeks)! We celebrated pretty well. My mom gave me constipation and my dad gave me a cold. (I'm learning the art of sarcasm a little early.) After a few hairy nights, I'm feeling a little better. Mama was kinda frantic, making phone calls to Grandma at 1:30 in the morning. I think I've slept in every possible position and had a thermometer stuck, you know where, more times than I'd like to count (if I could count). They put my bouncer in the middle of the bed (not that I'm in the mood for bouncing) so that I could sleep upright. It's kind of hard to breath right now. They seem to think that the shoving that plastic bulb in my nose helps. I beg to differ. You know that Karo syrup really works for constipation? I'm pretty proud of myself for filling up my shorts the way I did yesterday. I even had to take a bath. I generally like baths. Mom steamied up the bathroom for me while she was taking a shower this morning. Even she was breathing easier. I guess they'll have to invest in a humidifier for future bouts of the common cold. My Mama says I'm a trooper, that's why I have this onesie on, see?



manda said...

Awww he is getting so big. My andrew was almost 9 pounds too. He seem to grow so fast.

Thanks for the up date bud!

Deb said...

Cutie! I especially like his penguin shirt! :)

Mother Superior said...

I know this seems totally disgusting, but when baby has a stuffy nose this is the ONLY way to go.


Also, if you can find prune juice that is really great for constipation, and won't give them the sugar rush that corn syrup does. You can even dilute it with water and find the amount that he needs.

Snot and poop. Ah, the joys of motherhood. :-)

D and S said...

So sweet!!! Looks like our boys are exactly 2 months apart! I didn't realize that in my sleep-deprived first days of TJ's birth! :D My twins were constipated for like 2 weeks when they were around 5 mos. The docs said not to worry since they were exclusively breastfed and the eventually pooped and boy was it a lot, but they really didn't care that they hadn't pooped in that long! :D Glad everyone is feeling better. Bouncy's are great for colds. Glad you got some yummy goodies too! :D Selena

party of eight said...

happy b-day keane, you are SO CUTE. i can't believe how much you look like a man already. - i hope you don't keep your mommy up likek amos is keeping me up tonight.

can't wait to meet you... and amos misses you.

party of eight said...

hey keane, my mom keeps sticking that plastic thingy up my nose too. it makes me so mad. i learned how to throw tantrums this month and get really mad. my mom uses a vaporizer on me every night and i love it. tonight i am sleeping in a car seat right inside my crib because my mom thinks it helps my drainage and i get so grumpy in my bouncer. i am usually such a good boy, but i think i have the right to be cranky when i am sick.

i hope i can see you sometime.


manda said...

I just have to mention I know of a baby that died b/c the latch between its legs was undone while it slept in his car seat. He slid down and strangled. Just an fyi. Andrew slept in that bouncy seat for a month or two when he was a baby. Right next to my bed. He had an upper resp thing. He was miseralbe. Keane is looking so handsome.