12 October 2011


Not exactly smiley smiley in that last one. ;) 

I'm so happy to have my boys.  I can't imagine life without them.  Keane is high intensity, Zeke is our little lovey. Where Keane is, there is fun.  Where Zeke is, there is sure to be a smile that will warm your heart.

Will we have more? I don't know.  We haven't given God a number limit.  We don't think that means He'll give us 15.  He'll give us just enough.  I only have one ovary.  I'm already limited, and God has blessed me in my need. I praise Him for it.  Why take this issue out of His hands, and control it?  Does that mean NO control, no, it doesn't mean that either.  I trust Him.  It's surrendered.

We sponsored a Compassion kid this week.  Boy? Girl?  We don't know.  I can't wait to find out.  I can't wait to communicate this whole thing to Keane and Zeke.  I can't wait to write letters, pray with them about it, and watch to see what God does in ALL of our lives.  We'll be brothers.....and sister?

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