21 August 2011


I was tempted,
I fell.
He threw me out,
but he also followed.
I cursed his name,
I said, "Never."
Just to prove it,
I bedded with others.
I humiliated him,
I wanted to.
I suppressed the truth,
His love stayed true.
I raised my hand
Against his friends and family.
If I was going down,
they were coming with me.
I bathed myself in blood,
Hated them without cause.
I denied him,
Farther away I walked.
There is nothing
I haven't done against him.
When there was a nail
to be hammered,
I nailed it.
When the scourging took place
I raised my hand to jeer,
When the thorns were
Smashed on His head
I was there.
What I wasn't expecting
from the One I scorned,
was a rescue,
Was a flood of grace
Out poured.
My darkened estate
NOW, He calls me His bride,
I call Him, "My Lord."


Katie said...

Beautiful. Thanks, Sara.

Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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