30 June 2011

Wait On Him

Wait On Him was the echo of my life 10 years ago, and I'm still doing it, with great dividends.  Oh, I've run ahead a few too many times, and have greatly regretted it.  One quick example was the time I got Lyme's Disease the summer I decided to depend on myself and not the Lord for the monies to return to school. I decided to get a REAL job instead of working at camp. Say, "it's just a fluke," but the numbers do not add up that way considering I spent most of the time running around outside with kids and not getting nary a bite from those testy ticks. The one day, during the summer "I took a break", that I sun bathed, I came down with the horrible disease.  Do the math. I wouldn't say it was God's judgement, I would say it was His absence of blessing.  Not doing what I know I should have been doing. Don't get sleepless on me, this doesn't apply to everyone's life.  We got it taken care of, it was so bad, though, that my mom diagnosed it over the phone.  "Get antibiotics now," she said.  She's a blessing.   

Anyways, now that I've worried the living daylights out of some of you, I'll change the subject. My first recording is available to buy on iTunes.  All of the proceeds will go to the next two projects, and THEN after all the bills have been paid, those proceeds will go to India.

Thank you for your support.

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