31 May 2011

Temple Restored

Some things have actually been happening around here, and I've been forgetting to write about it.

Things we are grateful to God (our Provider) for-

1) Zeke got his harness off and turned 6 months old on the 23rd.  Cute as ever.  6 month pics next week.
2) Keane is going pretty consistently on the toilet when I let him run around in the buff.  Yeah!
3) I had been wanting to go to a worship seminar to get better equipped.  Long list of impossible obstacles, but found out that a one day seminar is coming to Stuttgart, led by this guy, this weekend!  I think John can handle that.
4) The yard is almost complete, as far as moving the dirt, but that's still a prayer request.  I did get to install a few pieces of foliage.
5) Considering raising the funds for a CD project.  Talked to a studio manager in the area (nice guy).  He gave me a great deal, but I still don't have it....praying.  This is suppose to eventually raise money for Love Home. Two birds with one stone project. So the project is called Temple Restored.  It's suppose to outline the Lord's prayer, starting with praise, then petition, some challenges, and ending with reflection.  Maybe I'll write my own version of the Lord's Prayer....maybe not.

Truly Restored
Alive, anew
the old man is gone
Nothing left but You

The grave which beckoned me
lies shallow and empty
And all that calls me now
Is eternal glory.

Pardoned by a Son
Who was sent to die
my shame lifted from my shoulders
and laid waste at victory's side
A servant, a Savior
gone only to return
and with His Resurrection 
share with me His glory.

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