24 January 2010


.....which means "Love Home". That is the name of the orphanage that Mohan and Janice are starting. There is some great news from India!

Mohan has been busy trying to find a plot of land away from the hub bub to build a home for their orphans. Mohan and Janice are committed to raising and protecting them as their own. Those 9 nine little orphans with special needs are waiting patiently in various temporary homes for their new permanent home to open.

Mohan traveled up farther north in search of the perfect place and prayed that God would open the right doors. Well, our Father is great and He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, so He did open the right doors! I can't help thinking the Lord wants those little orphans in the arms of Mohan and Janice more than they do!

After looking at some beautiful property and gulping hard at the cost of it, the owner has offered them the plot for 1/3 of the cost!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? What's even more amazing is that the owner was apparently feeling generous and offered Mohan any of his properties for the same cost. Mohan just had to choose which one he liked!

You know, I think of Abraham. I'm reading about him right now. He was far away from home, on a mission from God. He had just told Lot he could have any land he wanted and what does God do? He gives Abraham all the land that he could see. God gives abundantly, more than we could ask or think, when our heart's desire is to serve Him above all else.

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Suey said...

That is AMAZING! We serve a great God, that's for sure! I am so happy for them, words cannot describe. It is joy above all joys that the little ones should have someone godly to care for them and raise them. : )