09 September 2009

I Had NO Idea!!!

Do you remember the box file that I had hanging out at the bottom of the screen? Well, I had a different e-mail account for that one, that I NEVER checked.

Hmmmm, well, I had no idea what was going on with that little box file, because it was getting all kinds of hits I didn't know about. Guess I should leave well enough alone, huh? Ya must think I'm pretty vain....

I would like to let you supporters out there know what it is I'm doing besides promoting myself all over the place. It is well in ground level as far as progress is concerned, I would say, rather, basement, but the plan is this, if the Lord tarries and if it's His will to start the Salt and Sound Ministry.

A Christian recording studio out of home at first, a ministry of promoting Christian music in the EU, south Germany at first. It will take 600 Euro to get started and with buying a house, it is well into the future. Some of my dreamy dreams include starting a Children's Choir in the area of local Christian kids. I might have an avenue into the German community this way, as parents are looking for native English speakers to teach their kids English, and the songs will be, well, mostly in English, but I'm not opposed to German songs.

There are a lot of things to pray about. Priorities, being one, personnel, musicians, and the lengths I'm going to go to market the CDs. How do I maintain a Biblical focus and foundation while trying to impact mainstream music? What does God have for this ministry? Does He have anything? Anyway, thanks again, and it's something to pray about.


Deb said...

Sara, it's so neat to hear what the Lord has put on your heart. I pray the Lord opens all the doors for you to reach the German people there. They definitely love music and the fine arts, so it would be really cool to incorporate relationships with the people in such a way that they would be willing to hear about your faith eventually. God has put a burning in my heart for mothers, especially single mothers and also unwed, young pregnant girls, to set up a minsitry available to their physical needs and coupled with that, but not compulsary for them to receive help, there spiritual needs. My heart burns for orphans. I would love to open an orphanage up someday, but for now they are just dreams. Pray for me, because I lose sight of what I am doing now(mothering, homeschooling 5 kids, being a good wife) longing for these ministries to come to fruition. Please pray for me as I get restless and discontent. :) I hope all goes well with your move to your new home and may God use you in a powerful way no matter where you are or what you are doing right now. :)

Wild Ghese said...

All I can say Deb, is that if you have a heart to minister, God will open the doors for you and it won't distract you from your first priority. I know I've been struggling with some of the same things, thinking that I've been dropped off in Germany and my whole life had been ministry.
I discovered that I wasn't called to do everything, like some denominations would have us believe, but I am called to do something. As Christians we can't help it, we want to make an impact somewhere. This thing may or may not involve John, but he should support it. It's not God's will if he doesn't, but some things take time and prayer. John loves being the technical guy and critic (I need one). He supports have an in home studio and as frugal as he is, he still supports putting the money into it. God just works those things out.
Wish we could sit and talk. Miss you.