07 May 2009

Hedge Hog Hoopla

So, last night was pretty interesting. We had a church service at our place (we've been hosting Wednesday night Bible Study for awhile). We discussed the topic of Jesus' title of "Son" being eternal or not. Pretty interesting. Note, I said "Son"- not God. I wouldn't say it was pretty interesting, I'd say it was very interesting and enlightening. I'll leave it at that.

Well, our meetings tend to last awhile, even though the most we've had is four or five. We like to talk, and sense I'm not at all hindered in putting Keane down for the night, all is well. After closing prayer, both Pastor and Cristian decided it was either time to head home or or set up camp on the terrace (it was pretty late). We walked outside to discover this hedge hog (Pastor called it something else) on our steps. At first we thought it was a porcupine, I think it hissed at Pastor, as he was trying to get passed it. Instead of going for a net, as my friends in college would have done, I went for a camera. Age has made a mark on my adventuresomeness, though after having to get rabies shots in 5th grade, I've steered clear of capturing wildlife.


Amanda Irene said...

yes please don't play with the WILD life! shots yuck!

Amanda Irene said...

he's a cutie though. haha.