24 May 2009

Da Zoo

These were a couple that I took. My boys were waiting for their dinner and decided to check out the scene from their porch.

Donkeys at the zoo yesterday.

Keane right before he got bit by a goat. You can tell cause the interest is still on his face. It all ended after the mishap.

"Oup, I'll keep my fingers, thanks."

They were friendly little guys. Here's a picture of my ski...che..chem...Croc foot. John bought me a pair for Mother's Day. I had to get a male color, because my shoe size exceeds the female limit, apparently.

Here is a very pregnant goat. I've never felt so much compassion for an animal. Woo boy, I remember those days, when it took five minutes just to roll over in bed.

My mom feeding a couple cute ones.

My handsome men, with an eagle behind them.

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party of eight said...

you are so funny sara. looks like fun at the zoo. so you mom is there?