15 May 2009

Cookie Recipes

I added html to the right, "Recipe of the Week". These guys send me a newsletter every week to my e-mail with new healthy recipes. It wasn't til I uploaded the thing that I realized it was vegetarian. I'm not vegetarian, but I love vegetarian food. A lot of Indian is vegetarian.

Anyway.....sideTRACKED. I have tried two of these recipes, and they were pretty good. One was a Sesame bar, but I think that the sesame I used was too old. The next was a Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookie, with fresh milled flour, not so sweet, but AMAZING with a dab of Nutella on the top. You can see the Nutella all over my son's face.

1 comment:

Amanda Irene said...

oh great now I am craving nutella! Love that stuff. I see he does too.