30 October 2008

A Few Family Updates

Happy Reformation Day!

I came up with a few family traditions. Tell me what you think of them. I really want to emphasize the Reformation with our kids. It was such an important time of history, so...
1) (I'm not big on trick 'o treating, but I think our kids shouldn't be deprived of fun) Make a list of verses to memorize at the beginning of October- they get candy at the end for the memory- one time of year only. ;)
2) Make tracts - simple "Jesus loves you...died for you...etc." to pass out to trick o' treaters
3) Go places where they are passing out treats to kids who are dressed up (we are going today, Lord willing. Keane is going to go Army style).
4) Visit places where great strides have been made to spread the Word- on Saturday we are going to visit Worms, again Lord willing,- it is so cool to live where the Reformation started. Worms is the place where Martin made the "Here I Stand" speech.
5) Study a Reformation Leader- I'm reading about Martin Luther right now.
6) Attend church festival activities
7) Of course- you can't leave out the Pumpkin Patch.

What do you think?

This is a coconut grater. I bought it for all of those Kerala recipes. I'm pretty happy with it.

Sugar is ready to go. She can have the car seat, if she wants. Keane is already in the next size. He weighs 11 kilos. She is actually pregnant. We are excited for her. I've already started preparing a box. She is such an affectionate cat, that a few kittens would be really good for her, and ME! She spends so much time under my feet, I'm afraid I'm gonna kill her and her offspring in one fell swoop.

Our little friend Sophia. Jim and Franciska came to move some of their stuff. They bought a house in southern Germany and they are trying to fill it up. They are officially settling down, because if you buy a house in Germany, you have to wait 10 years to sell it, or you pay a really high tax.

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party of eight said...

keane is so stinkin' cute. he sure can move those arms! wow. how big is 11 kilos anyways?

chi and amos are both around 18-19 lbs... i think chi feels a bit bigger now...

it looks like amos is staying!!!

thanks for your family photo... BEAUTIFUL... our kids are learning your names.

i miss you.

when i have some time i am going to catch up on your trip to india.

love you! janelle