16 February 2017

Here's The Hypothesis

I propose that "Emotion Blocks", or "Relational Blocks" can and will help people, of most mental capabilities, visualize what a proper relationship with others looks like emotionally. This is especially helpful for those on the Autistic Spectrum, or those that were given no boundaries as children, or children that were abused, those with PTSD trying to readjust, also those struggling with depression, as well as their counselors.
This is a tool, not a rule. Nor is it gospel, but it might be good news for those that are socially lost, as it were. Identifying the zone in which proper relationships thrive and having resources to show patients where breaks occur can expedite the process of recovery, and/or assist those that truly have no idea how to operate socially. It is my prayer that the Lord will guide me to the right resources and people through the process of seeing this through. Peace.

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