10 February 2017

Emotion Blocks

It takes a village to raise a child? What if the village consists of nothing but sociopaths? We have been told that this Trademark only belongs to those that carry out atrocities, abuse their children, or commit heinous crimes. We readily hang that sign on Hitler, Stalin, Charles Manson, or our abusive Uncle. I would submit that we can all, if we are honest with ourselves, wear that banner on any given day when communication with others has taken a turn for the worse, or when we isolate ourselves out of every meaningful relationship because we don't know how to handle ourselves. The stakes are high, we must get the word out about what a healthy social/emotional atmosphere looks like, and I would like to submit the idea that we are a world of sociopaths waiting for this to happen. I can not afford a Master's Degree, nor do my grades reconcile me to any form of financial aid, but I do have a humanitarian desire to see this project through. There is a lot more I need to learn about psychology, a lot more books to read on the topic, so I will start here. If you have a book to recommend or advise, let's start this forum. Sara

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