26 July 2016

Fats and Cancer

A lesson on fats. Because it matters.

You have to start with a basic understanding that when most medical personnel tell you a low fat, high fiber, high vegetable diet might help from getting cancer again they are talking about a modern "understanding" that most fats are bad. Low fat yogurt and milk, etc. are chemical disasters.
What Dr. Weston A. Price discovered is that there are different varieties of fats and some are very good for you, in fact, he found NO indigenous culture that did not have animal fats as part of their diet. Yes, bacon, good for you (organ meats are better), vegetable oil....not so much. Whole fat milk products, even raw, excellent....fried twinkie.....nope.
Our modern food pyramid is pretty messed up.


You can read for yourself.

Sugar, not fat, is actually our biggest enemy. We consume 2,000 pounds more than people did before the turn of the century. Ok, actually it's way more per life span. Given 65 year average life span. People consumed about 1,170 lbs of sugar during their life while people today will have consumed, at the current rate, 11,700 pounds during their life of SUGAR. People still got cancer back then, this is true, but definitely not at the rate that it's occurring now.

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*not medical advise to the extent that this is should in anyway replace a certified Dr.'s medical advise upon receiving a cancer diagnosis

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