27 July 2016

Cancer and Ph levels

So, yesterday I posted about a Dr. who had done research of indigenous cultures after he discovered more and more people were coming into his Dentist office with cramp and decaying teeth (1930s). Overall he found a few things about their diets, across the board, that rendered them healthy, as a whole. TODAY, Ph levels and cancer. Studies show, cancer seems to thrive in acidic environment. (Of course I will leave links.) Thus take away the acidic environment, slower growth of cancer cells, we can assume. I hear this a lot, "But she or he was healthy." They seemed to be active, didn't have horrible eating habits, etc. This, as I read, doesn't have as much to do with the matter of cancer as one might think. What we perceive to be true about the outward appearances or activities of an individual, does not immediately verify their susceptibility to cancer. What your body is equipped with, to fight off disease for itself matters a whole lot more. Whether or not your body is getting the nutrients it needs to operate as God designed it to operate is crucial. This takes time and effort....that's where a lot of people drop off. This is exactly where I drop off, myself. I never really gave food any thought, and what I was eating really didn't matter until I met my Aunt after a very long time. She was (is) tall, beautiful and struggles with a few things, but approached ailments in a different fashion than what I had ever heard. She was a walking testimony. So, definitely not over night, but after awhile I started to listen. I was developing aching in my joints, tiredness, my legs were cramping like crazy during pregnancy. My second pregnancy I was as big as a house. I just ate all the junk imaginable. You have to somehow come to your end, and just WANT to be better. That's where I am at right now. Earlier this year I went skiing with my boys and was out of breath and exhausted after two hours. I am facing the next 10 years and I have a choice to be involved or on the sidelines. I find that I fail, but getting up again gets easier and easier. Lo' and behold, taking gluten out of my diet has gotten rid of the aching joints. Our bodies need the right "equipment" to fight cancer. Weakening the vessel (chemo) to fix the hole in the ship doesn't really make sense to me. Started juicing too... http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com/ph-and-cancer.html http://gerson.org/gerpress/the-gerson-therapy/

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