26 January 2016

American Picket Fence

Some of you know that, as we all are, I am a multi- faceted person. I think, generally speaking, women have a handle on this, more so than men, purely because, as a mother, sometimes we HAVE to be.

If I wasn't creating, and I kid you not, I would be dead. The first thing God shows us about Himself in  scripture is His creativity. Creativity and imagination drive pretty much every progress; scientific, or artistic, or economical on some scale, also, need, but I think we all would be missing a core part of what makes us tick if we didn't exercise our imagination, or work out what inspires us. Walking dead.
Having said that and without further ado, new EP, here.

No more of that shameless self promoting here, but it does lead me to a topic that combines my passions and my desire for justice and my whole hearted support of just causes like the ones you see on that there right side links column.

The next musical project!!

I have finally got a little more grasp on mixing. I am not thinking any more, after a long time, that this "gift" as I am still leery of saying, is one big fat hoax meant to embarrass me or put me out in unswimmable waters. I am learning, that though the waters are not at times manageable, God is the manager, and a project like "American Picket Fence" which will wrestle with the idea of getting back to our roots or Foundation (Jesus) HAS to be God's doing. That is what I learned from "a song in the night".

Just straightening my gaze over here. Don't mind me.

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