04 December 2015

Are Organic Companies Exploiting Consumers?

A loaded question, but a good one, nonetheless. I imagine it's similar to the question are, "Indy Music companies exploiting listeners?"

The answer sort of presents itself with the opposition. Who or what discourages organic food? Companies that want the corner on the market producing cheap food. One headliner is Monsanto. I won't go into details, but this is an extremely corrupt corporation that has it's fingers in our actual government.

Indy music. Who or what is the opposition? Major labels, that want to exploit musicians and fans alike. They desire monopoly, not a well rounded market. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So, is it actually beneficial for organic or Indy companies to start? Leave out whether or not the music is actually Indy, or whether or not the food is actually organic (there is always corruption). Is it lucrative, or are these companies most likely started upon principle, or good motives? Seems as though these companies have an uphill battle to begin with. Take a look at the opposition again.

I was reading a verse just the other day. How "everything that God MADE is good to eat." The hair splitters say, well, eventually, if we cut back enough of the pieces "HFCS" was made by God, "cuz, duh, no one calls anything into existence." Did God make the Tower of Babel too?

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