30 August 2015

I think I have brought up this topic before. Not food. But ultimate evil, and sometimes our brutish or pansy ways of stopping it. Watching a documentary about the holocaust and thinking about ISIS #neveragainisnow and the powerful act of prayer! but pray for the resisters. The ones there now, resisting. Would there were more, nevertheless, they are brave. Sometimes they have to do things, they never thought they would have to do, or would want to do. "Light is still light." Bonhoeffer and the lines he drew, the weight of evil so heavy that a reaction was necessary. Light is still light. I am all the way, pro peace. Light is still light. Even if you have to steal to feed hidden Jews. Even if you have to lie to hide them. Or kill. Light is still light. It is really a concept I am struggling with but it proves the theological base point that righteousness doesn't come from us. Light is still light, no matter what dark circumstances we are fighting against. When you think there is no possible way for things to come out clean or be used for God's glory, at the bottom of despair....light is still light.

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