18 August 2015


You might wonder why, though these aren't "main issues", (the first being, Christ, and our relationship to Him), I would go about seeking justice in the area of food, politics, animal welfare, etc. Because in some way, all of these things are connected. They ultimately are behind this one thing. This one person has gone before them. Our creator, Himself. I seek to not compartmentalize Jesus to church services. People are suffering injustice in these areas, and I want to seek justice and care about people. Simply put. When my first born was just over a year old we met my Aunt Sandy for only the second time in my life. I was flabbergasted! She was beautiful in her 60s. No extra weight, radiant skin, no makeup (or barely any) and energy. Personal testimony is always relevant, and is often the most convincing. She thus proceeded to guide me into a different outlook on food. The underlying principles are these; if we can't identify it (do I understand what it says on the label), if I can't grow it, if it doesn't go bad....don't eat it. Over these past years as I've watched more and more people succumb to cancer, fight diabetes, and weight gain, these principles have been driven harder into my frame of thinking. I often fall, so I am reminded. Sugar consumed at a vast amount in our modern day is highly addictive, more addictive than heroine. I think that Christians let these side things go too often, thinking that they are not as important as "the main thing", but the "main thing" is all encompassing. So, really, an overweight preacher, to the outside person looking in, is just inconsistent. We can not compartmentalize. No, we can not live this out in our own strength. So, just considering food and reigning in the excess, the detrimental, the unidentifiable has led me to try to garden. It's a learning process. Last year my zucchini was center stage, this year the pumpkin has multiplied into distant properties...over the fence. The next few blog posts I will talk about Weston A. Price and how his discoveries apply to all of us.

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