11 August 2015

Chris Christie. Scariest "Price is Right" contestant...I mean, Republican Presidential candidate. Dr. Ben Draconian a close second. Our government has taken to killing people unlawfully, it's time to speak up. Considering my own comment criteria, this is probably not passable, however, it stands to reason, specific people aside and personal differences, we should be looking for a principled candidate and decide if the Constitution is what we adhere to. Now's the time. My beef, concerning politics, is whether or not someone's policies jive with the U.S. constitution (my politics are slightly different over here in Germany). So I may like Chris Christie (though when I consider the principle, "a little leaven, leaveneth"??? not a "fat" joke)as a person, for the sake of a principle, or for the sake of principled politics (wow, shot in the dark), I can not accept, else I forego the amendments in their entirety (truly the risk) a political assertion that it is okay for the government to spy on it's citizens without warrant (a clear violation). Forcing medical interference (vaccines). Not to sound exasperated, or "high and mighty" but are you kidding me? What next? Forced abortions? Grace is for the sinner. Our government deserves neither grace or overlooking, but correction and accountability, or we lose it all. Not me. I don't care. My soul is safe in the hands of the Lord, but for others, the victims of government. I would be selfish to avoid the confrontation that affects so many.

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