21 July 2015


so wat is a girl to do that has closed down Facebook indefinitely, but still wants to interact. wants to say something. wants to shed something, something of my thoughts, something of my heart and soul, shedding it because it just bulks up around me, like a sycamore ready to lose some bark. I had good reasons for shutting down Facebook, even the name Facebook as a social forum is a good reason to not get involved... in the first place. I have a few bones where in lies a solid source for conspiracy, how easy we make ourselves available on this book of faces to the powers that "be." Who soon will not "be", which is no small comfort, nevertheless, how obtuse. Hidden in plain sight. Are they putting chips in people yet? Nevermind. It doesn't matter, the Lord laughs at these pitiful efforts. This same Lord that didn't need any chips to know us from the womb. We need not fear under His kind of watch, as grace exudes from His care for this time, and for His purposes. A grace centered around a cross, where His Son took the penalty for all the shame of the world. Why? One might ask? for justice, but also for freedom. for those that love their sin, this is still a foreign concept. Yet, in solitude, when alone with only his own thoughts, the sinner hears the pounding of distant drums raising a question, dismissed with another hit, or drink, often, but still the question is always there. "when will I find out why I'm here, and why do I fear it?" my reply, "because a sinner in the hands of an angry (sinned against) God, is indeed, a fearful thing." fortunately for all of us, myself in the front of the line, we have a simple solution for this wrath. the wrath is simple, in concept, weighty when realized. Salvation is the same. simple in concept, accepting what was already done, weighty in realization. what freedom! unsurpassed! He didn't just save, Jesus exceedingly saved. "why would God require this?" the skeptic endeavors to raise the bar. "to put down the pride of man." One must humble himself to see the Lord. It's a blindness. pride has no place in presence of the God of the Universe. Of what use is pride before the eternal throne. What place does human pride have in the vast expanse of this God who is, was, and will be? Man pride is a farce. Pride just locks the door between the God who is leaning out to heal and the sinner who refuses to be healed. pride is no friend. Pride is no friend. I'll say it again.

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