23 July 2015

International Justice Mission

It was a hot Saturday morning. I commissioned a friend of my mine to help me make a billion pancakes, overkill, as I would later discover. I rented a sound system, invited neighbors and friends, applied my decorating skills and bantered after my kids. "Do not make a mess, do not touch the food until our guests here." I had invited Ryan to come speak. Speak about rescuing slaves and trafficked women and children. All over the world. 4,000 + rescued last year. So when the gathering gathered, I discovered it was lacking in patronage. The speakers I ordered were a tad exaggerated. Good thing because the songs were lost from my play list. Practicing my DJ skills was going to have to wait for a future opportunity. But the speaker came. The few families came. And it was enough. Even if it IS just a few hearts that are opened to the plights of trafficked women, it's enough. Thanks Ryan for coming and braving the heat. I was blessed. Check out IJM in the links. Here are the facts: IJM is funded entirely by donation. They operate all over the world, mostly in 3rd world countries (or entirely). They rescue slave laborers as well as victims of sex trafficking. They do this, because they wish to pattern themselves after God's justice. No victims of the sex trade are proselytized by their rescuer.

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