11 July 2012

Words Fail

I've cried out through song to God
But more than God heard me
Most don't understand the pain
Unless it's God who lets
the man see.

Overwhelmed with care
Not much to talk about there
Navigating through the muck
Trying to pursue
Peace and trust

I walk a line
with purpose
I suppose some might think
the venture is worthless
my conscience demands
call me weak, but I'll out last

They say, "stay in your cell,
find peace in the cage
you know so well."
I smile because I know
what they mean, but I know
Who can see the

Watch out, crowd, God
is gathering you around,
His glory, He will reveal.
Some will rejoice, some will
All I know is this.
I am weak, He has got this. 

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