22 June 2012

Without Words

Let's see...there are so many, but sometimes I am tired of using them. I would like my son to use less of the word, "mama!" Maybe he should call me Alice, "you can call me AL," ok, no.

I am sure I am not the only one that has spent precious time and effort throwing words onto a subject to little or no avail. Neither the listener or myself were any more connected at the end of the dialog. Frustrating. Frustratingly frustrating.

I also can't be the only person who has that friend that we NEVER talk to. Years have passed, yet if you were to pick up the phone and call them now it would be like you'd been regularly chatting on Facebook. Precious, yet without words.

This begs the question what are words for? Relationally, I mean. Connecting the unconnected, maybe? An effort, beyond information, to draw in? The Bible says where too many words are, sin is not lacking. We have all been around talkers, some talk naturally more than others, but I DO think some just talk to hear themselves talk, which is probably the extreme example of someone REALLY disconnected.

What connects? Intuition?understanding? Even proper awareness of self? I guess that's for another post, but here's hoping you have a friend out there without words, I think I do.

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