23 June 2012

What Connects?

Continuing on from yesterday....

I've been thinking about what connects, laying aside words.  As we have already found that they can be meaningless, absolutely trivial.  We know that the most they can be is useful, but definitely NOT the glue that binds people.

God's Word is in a different category.  His Word changes people.  THAT'S amazing. His Word is ALIVE.  Truly mind boggling.

My kids have a book about the tower of Babel.  God used words to divide.  We are word reliant creatures. It was an easy concept, really.  Selfish people don't stick around to work through that kind of issue and from what I gather the people of Babel were self serving people.

So, what connects?  Why are some people closer than others?  Why do some marriages work and others don't?  Why is A my best friend and not B?  We are all of the same human race, all sinners, we all have emotions, intellect (to one degree or another), we all have ideas, goals (hopefully), passions (please).

I submit that we have the capability to love ANYONE. When we look in scripture we discover that pride is the great divider, as far as contentions, but that doesn't explain CONNECTION.  It can't be as simple as "stuff in common", I think it's spiritual.  What do you think?

Maybe I'll study Jonathan and David and continue this discussion.  Time for a bike ride. 

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