12 June 2012

This is what REAL is...

My reoccurring bad hair every morning and the breath that goes along with it.

My explosive toddler that likes to shoot waves of fear up my spine with his random screams.

My baby's increasing desire to meet the "terrible twos" head on.

My horrible scar on my stomach from an emergency surgery.

My office that is a disaster...well, it's just a lot of lyrics without order.

My issue....we all have one right?  The one that suddenly disappears at church. The thing no one suspects. The one thing that causes me to distrust God, and wonder if He is really all that good.  The thing that if I bring it before Him again and He doesn't answer, again,  I'm afraid I'll be bitter for the rest of my life.  I refuse to stay there.  I'm done.

I'm meeting God with THAT again.  This month, now.  Release and Transformation.  Whatever it takes to be free.  Pray with me.  His will, His glory.  His. For I am His.

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