29 June 2012


What in blazes does that mean?
Display myself?
Conjure up a few thoughts
And submit myself?

I want to take the whole ball of wax
And throw it.
The whole idea, we try to pass this
As sincere?
Bare with me one post as I undermine
The irony in the stuff we "share".

We are no closer, I submit.
I am so guilty, worse.
It wasn't until I had so much to say
That I HAD to hide, that I realized
I was playing a game first.

What a cloud of not so exacts. Yet the pain it can cause implies it's legit. Because it IS. Can I swear again?
Because you know I've been doing it in my head.

You didn't know I did that? How well do you know me? Nuff said.

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