18 June 2012

Messed Up Christianity

I thought I would let you know what the real problem is.  We like our dogmas, a lame excuse for relationship, it corrals people though, doesn't it?  Oh, we like our power too, it makes us feel important, when we're void.
Somehow ranting for two hours about how someone brought alcohol to a picnic strangely invokes a sincere person to start asking for permission from the supposed "shepherd" if they can use the bathroom.  With a twisted response, the "messenger from God" asks, "Why my dear child would you ask me that?" 
Our sheep learn how to not disappoint the "shepherd", forget all about Jesus, all the while the shepherd claims the title "servant". It becomes a way of life (jury's out on the life part).
Way too many times have I seen sincere lovers of Jesus, withdraw over "things that would upset the dogma of their church".....from other BELIEVERS.  That, my friends, is messed up.
I thought it was going to get violent when I started thinking again and revolting against it, but it didn't.  Don't worry, I would have kicked the dust off my heals LONG ago. Many a child raised that way has suffered with an ill view of who Jesus is.  My kids certainly don't need that garbage. Living for Jesus is hard enough.

But before I pack up my Bible, I thought I would have the decency to "state my case" to you oh "man of God".  I am praying for the freedom and abundant life promised to me.  My King watches. 

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