31 May 2012

Trafficking the American Dream

So, this is the second shot at this, and the last.  I will donate $1 to "Not for Sale" up to $100 for every download.

Per Request

Gone are the traces of love.
Gone are the innocent deeds.
Who will bring deliverance
To the woman on her knees.

Gone are all the promises
Gone are her hopes and dreams
Who will bring deliverance
To the woman on her knees

They're calling you
Can you hear them cry
Burning lust has left them in the dust
Can you save the daughters of the night? (repeat)

Oh man
Watch your ways
Look at what you leave behind
Shame and desperation in your wake
Save the daughters of the night

Gone is all our make believe
Welcome to reality
Chained and tied
it's a cultural suicide
trafficking the American dream

1 comment:

Katie Barker said...

Would you consider posting the words? It would be nice to have them while listening. Thx.