13 May 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. This week+ has been incredible!  I already wrote about last week's Women's Conference, but on a more personal level I saw God really use my music, and when I say "my" I really mean His. I also had a little help. This is how....

I seem to write songs on a "need" basis.  For years this would be the case at my church in Forest Ranch.  Christmas would be coming up, woop, Christmas song. I would feel the Lord working somewhere and wanting me to express His will or desire, woop, another song.  This is how I know, there is NO Sara talent going on here.  I think when I take the reigns I end up in a mess, singing songs about cheese whiz. When I force it, it's AWFUL, however, when I pray that God would speak to me and meet with me, He often does.

I am trying to extract audio from a vid. we made at the conference, which will hopefully be featured in a promotional video for next year's conference, but as yet, it's not happening. Hopefully our friend who is doing the video can figure it out.  We'll see. I would love for you to hear it.

The song is called "You are Chosen".  It's for daughters...."Daughters of the King" (conference theme).  The worship team and I wrote it together. We scattergrammed it, and put it to music.  I had most of the melody, but then together, we refined it and added a refrain.  Why am I telling you this??  Because it has taken off!  You never know what's going to make an impact.  Apparently this song did, praise the Lord.  I was asked to sing it this past Tuesday again (another vid) and ladies were asking about a CD.  John said I should have dropped a hat.  Classy. That's about it, though.  We'll see what God does.

I've been asked to travel a bit and sing for a Ministry that serves in South Africa.  Looking forward, that's all I can do.

On another note, (wow, this post has nothing to do with Mother's Day).  This will be the first and last time I mention this.  Compassion is offering a trip to Kenya to visit our Compassion children.  I would love to go, but well, I don't have $4,000.  Huh, well, I can ask you to pray with me.  I know I am not the only one that would like to go, but can' afford to meet their compassion kid.

So that is the news. A little update if you will. 

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