07 May 2012

Ladies Conference

Plastic verses Natural

Put On verses Real

Cheap verses Priceless

Missing teeth, drug abuse, alcohol, broken, distant, cold, hardened, hurting, shamed, addicted, discouraged, insecure, blamed, distracted...

God's kingdom isn't made up of Hollywood stars, not many mighty are called. I saw God's glory shine best this weekend from where I wasn't expecting it at all.

I came with song and dance, worked hard to reach out my hand and found myself mowed over by grace, the un -doer.

She came with a shadow set in, the complexities of life unforgiving, but He was there to meet her, we just had to point. He would forgive her, if we got out of the way.

I stepped up to the microphone having done all I could to prepare, I pray "use me, Lord, for this isn't any of my affair." I fumbled through sheets of music and He picked the right ones, I wrestled with sickness and He filled my voice with song. My hands were weak, my body tired, but His spirit strengthened me. I looked up through vanity, according to the world, to watch one more added to His kingdom.

To see a face shine once covered, to see a smile rise through the shadow. To watch her raise her hands, to hear her say "thank you, Jesus." I can't think of anything better to do with two days and a bunch of women.

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