27 April 2012

This Sin

A waste
This sin
The blessing of God
Turned to man's whims
We tasted the fruit
And we liked it

It's the trip they took
That turned into a funeral
It's the girl undone
Without a hope for renewal
It's the pile of garbage
Where the children
Scrounge for food
It's the rotting flesh
The leper walks in
And through

It's the sewage under the
Polluted city
It's the betrayal in
Our friend's smile
It's the anger and resentment
From our very own child
A baby's first and last

It turns right to wrong
In an instant
Good to bad in a flash
Peace to catastrophe

Take a good look
Because it's not
Going away
Wherever you
Make your bed
You tuck it
Stare long and hard
At the messes you've
That you can't erase
Or bend

(...to be continued)

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