03 April 2012


I found out yesterday that Ron Paul, the ONLY presidential candidate (as far as I'm concerned) is visiting my hometown of Chico, CA!  Anyone want to pick a t-shirt up for me?  Shake his hand for me?  "Chant" a "President Paul!" or "End the Fed!" for me?  Any would suffice.

Not just anything will suffice concerning some other t-shirts, though.  In fact, these t-shirt make all the difference. There is a cause we should be interested in, and for a limited time, only, a t-shirt is involved.  Sponsor a child through Compassion this week and receive a free t-shirt.  That's right!  You understood correctly. Sponsor child=free t-shirt. Win, Win, Win. Though thousands have sponsored without that incentive and have not felt, in the least bit, cheated, this is pretty SWEET!

You can also go a different route and buy a t-shirt from Sevenly and $7 will be given toward mosquito nets in Rwanda.  A child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria. Truly something I did not know until today. Now those are t-shirts worth mentioning, and buying.

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