07 April 2012

The Resurrection

I am sitting here thinking about Easter Sunday tomorrow and what it signifies. I am thinking about someone dead coming to life.

Death is pretty permanent usually. Someone dies, a plot of land is set aside, a tombstone is carved. The flesh and bones that walked, talked, lived, in general, gets buried or cremated, never, NEVER to be seen again....here, anyway.

Not Jesus. No tombstone, no grave, no marker of any kind, well, a temporary one, REAL temporary. 2000 years ago-ish, someone defied the laws of death. The fateful, permanent, abrupt stop was defeated. Not just any someone, either.

He never sinned. He never even got angry without a just cause. When kids got annoying, he welcomed them. When friends got too smelly, he took it in. The drunkards, that's who I mean, they had a friend, the losers, outcasts, met a companion. He gathered fishermen, gave feet to the lame, those who couldn't see, got their sight from him. Know what I mean?  Not just ANY someone. He was different.

..."This man truly was the Son of God!" Matthew 27:54

Like a whirlwind he came, in 33 years he was gone. Really....VERY gone, not in the ground somewhere, GONE. He was born, he lived perfectly, even mixed up with a mess of messy people he managed to do this. He was killed unjustly....and then left. He was dead and then he wasn't. The permanence of death was defeated, and He took out sin with it! What a plan!

"He is not here, He is risen." Luke 24:6

It gets better. He is coming again. How cool is that?

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