15 April 2012


Keane's Sunday school teacher came up to me and said, "Let me tell you how awesome your son is..."  I know he is awesome, but I don't mind hearing a story offered to me about it.

 I smiled in appreciation and she continued. "I didn't plan on teaching about the cross, and well, Keane started with the "cross" after I mentioned Jesus.  So we continued...."  They wrote a story.

This is Keane's standard "happy face."  He likes the word 'happy'.  When I ask him if he is tired around nap time or bedtime, he tells me "No, Mama, I happy."

This is when Keane's teacher asked him to put his hand on the paper to trace it.

 Keane, without prompting, put his head down on the piece of paper to trace his own head for ...


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