10 March 2012

Down to the Depths

From the Brahmin caste (highest Hindu caste).  Saved.  Expelled.  Told to "go" by GOD.

Mohan and his wife care for orphaned, special needs children, in India.

A place where baby girls are killed, because, well..... they're girls.

A place of volatile religious freedom.  A place where the caste system still decides your importance to society.

Mohan and his wife go to the depths in their culture to make a difference for Christ.

As a PWOC (Protestant Woman of the Chapel) group in Heidelberg.  We sent out for boxes of clothes, shoes, hats, Bibles and toys for kids.  It was just enough.  Enough clothes to send in one go, enough money to send the boxes, and far less time to put it together than originally imagined.

On Valentine's Day the boxes started their journey to India, with prayer surrounding them....

We got this email back.

Received one BIG box, about 1 1/2 feet by 1 1/2 feet....  It was
all torn up and again I was afraid there were things missing.  I
complained, but to no avail.  It was opened at the customs place in
Mumabi and they had done a shoddy job of putting it back together.

This one had a Bible, 3 pairs of shoes for kids and another few more
for babies, lots of clothes, socks, 3 caps, a feeding bottle set,

Just this morning I went to a few shoe shops looking for shoes for
Bharath and Sara......and did not find anything that was good and
reasonable.  ....  And guess what?  A little later when I
opened your box.......the Lord had answered what was in my thoughts!
What a kind God we serve, Sara.  And the Bible......we were needing
one of those as well!  And the caps and clothes......Sara, all these
were on our shopping list for Bangalore!!Wow, Wow!!!!

 PRAISE GOD!  Guess WHO else is looking after those babies in India?

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