08 February 2012

Kick Start

These coming days are going to be exciting.  I'm not very good at writing "worship" songs in the real sense of what most people think that word "worship" means.  It's a great challenge.  Here is a kick start.  Take it for what it's worth.

So, again the theme for the Revival week of song writing is Revival.

Let's Scattergram that...

a turning
leaving off weights
understanding of who God is
understanding of who I am without God
serious change of heart
complacency denied
outward corrections
greater cause
great commission living


Look out for a book review I'm doing for this book.  It's my first official one, ever! I'm so honored to have been asked to do it. Hopefully I'll have it up sometime next week.  The only format that is coming to mind resembles my fourth grade book reports, so if you have any tips, they are more than welcomed. :P

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