17 February 2012

Just a Minute Book Review

"You have been equipped with your own childhood journey, either building on the positive or overcoming the negative, good or bad, to bless any child God places before you...even for just a minute."  From the book Just A Minute by Dr. Wes Stafford- President and CEO of Compassion International 

About a month ago I was asked to write a book review for this book.  The deal was, they would send it to me, I would read it, and then write a blog post review for it.  Well, I informed my Compassion friend, the one who had asked me to do it, that I lived in Germany and that postage would probably be a bomb.  I asked her to send it to my Mom in California.  Long story, longer, I ended up buying the e-book. Why do I tell you this?  Because it was worth the investment.  Every penny.  Now I'm wondering who I'm going to bless with the hard copy back in the States? (The first to comment from there, gets it).  Everyone, anyone, who's life, at all, mingles with kids (YOU, unless you're a hermit) needs to read this book.

As a parent, a mama and a Compassion kid sponsor, I kept looking to see if this book was actually written for me (ok, not really).  Before you say, "wow, that's pretty self-centered,"  I promise you, the book spoke to my very soul, and it will speak to yours as well. 

Every minute with a child counts. Yes, in the middle of laundry or meal preparation, just trying to get the vacuum to sweep a few things, like crumbs my 1 year old has "cleaned" off the table....che chem, writing blog posts, and "can you puh-leeeese pick up your toys!"  I confess, I often miss the moments that I can use to build my sons up, but every minute with a child has potential. That is the bottom line, as illustrated in story after story in this book.

Last week my two boys and I were hurrying to the car, blizzard full force, Keane wanted to yell at the neighbors and say, "hi Keane!" (yes, he says "hi" to himself, saying "hi" to other people).  "Come on!, get in the car!"  Before you judge, I deal with a slow, slow toddler, ANY time we are doing something that is not his idea, which is A LOT of things.  However, I remembered what I had been reading in the book, and how I should use my opportunities, and a little patience, to build Keane up, so I changed my tune.  I didn't remark under my breath, after a side swipe of guilt, starring at the steering wheel about to shift into reverse.  No, I looked him in the eyes.

"Keane, you are very kind to say 'hello' to others."  He beamed back at me, an extraordinary beaming, huge smile included of course, and I had just proven the hypothesis of the book in less than a minute.

A must read.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book! ~Leah :)

Wild Ghese said...

E-mail me at fortydaysofsunday@hotmail.com with your address for the copy of the book! Congratulations!

Kelly Glupker said...

That does sound like a good book. I haven't heard of it until now but I can totally relate to your frustrations. i have been feeling super guilty lately about how rushed and hurried I am and how impatient I can be with my kids. :(