25 January 2012

The Pharisees and the Sadducees

The Democrats and the Republicans.

The Contemporary and the Traditional.

The Fundamentalists and the Liberals.

Black and White.

Poor and Rich.

Then Jesus said He came to divide.  My first thought is, "we need more division?"

Notice how the passage calls individuals out from their homes, their environments, their family, their security. The whole paragraph, verses 34-38 is an unnerving passage. Why?  Because it speaks directly to the comfortable.  Jesus is calling us out to leave everything behind.

If I really thought about what that means in every part of my life, I would get overwhelmed.  It's a strange mix of desire for obedience and fear of the unknown.

Yet, I distract myself by filling this space meant to be fulfilled in eternity by following groups and aligning myself to hierarchies for safety, for comfort, for power, even. I believe, besides the spiritual church (the Spirit has to be involved here) that every entity on this earth will pass away.  That great Christian school, that great political party, that awesome football team, our favorite grocery store chain, that superior genre of music...all of it will be gone.  We'll be left with Christ.  Shouldn't we make Him more than enough, right now? 

Heaven.  No one I know has been there. It's a great mystery.  It's the vacation spot no one on this earth knows about. HE has prepared this place for us, we call it heaven.  We don't come with any "know how," to make improvements, we just come. One day we'll be called out of this world and into it for eternity.  We'll be divided from this earthly landscape...forever.  Shouldn't we act like residents?

So, the vid probably sounded a little prideful, like I know EVERYTHING about shaking things up. I don't. However, I'm under the impression that anyone who draws close to this great divider, Jesus, is automatically going to shake things up, it's the natural result.  So, join me.

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