15 January 2012


The worlds fell apart
Or at least one,
within my reach.
But I was asleep
Someone was undone.

Cancer threw down it's
heavy hand.
A mother's pain
ransacked her
soul's span
like a derailed train.

I was wading
in the
shallow waters,
for relief from my
too miniscule to recall
Every day rain.

She cried when she
told her story.
A long ago birth
attached to guilt
in place
of glory.

I was busy looking at
the surface.
Somehow the dim
lines of introspect,
Captured my

I shout disdain
for unjust causes,
Point out who is
to blame
for our
dire circumstances.

Yet when sleep creeps
into the side of my
I feel little pain for the
desperate to live.
I'm dead.
Rather, distracted.

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