29 December 2011


"Sing Keane!" The barely decipherable lyrics burst out of his mouth.  The song he has been singing the whole season.  Many thanks to Donald Duck and the Disney Christmas special.  The tune, not so exact, the words, not so precise, the meaning, completely embraced.

Today I am writing about my "word" for the new year, as a Compassion blog post.  That word is "sing."  For the last year, it seems, that's all I have been reading in scripture, besides Ezekiel.  Sing.  Every passage of Psalms that comes up in my "Bible in a Year" has been talking about that word. Sing.  So, I have been.  I've been trying to obey.  Oh, don't think I haven't attempted to get off the saddle altogether, but I would inevitably read that word again....SING.

What is God doing?  I don't know.  I haven't a clue. Isn't that what faith is?  Being obedient when we don't know what will become of it?  Trusting that God intends to use the gifts He has given me to benefit His church?  Someday, somehow, somewhere. No one I know is learning this lesson, like I am.  I'm important to God. He knows me. He knows how He is going to use me and He has a better vision than I have for my future.  What a great God.  The least I can do is....sing.


brimichelle said...

I love the word the Lord has given you! And I love how much you are trusting Him with what He is speaking to you. Thanks for sharing this, Sara.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Keane...you are a wonderful blessing to us all. Merry Christmas
Love Auntie Liz