18 December 2011


Who is the shopper in my family?  John

Who goes in to find what they need and high tails it out?  Me

Who tries on every article of clothing in their size range?  John

Who can barely muster up the discipline to try on ONE thing and hopes on a wing and a prayer for the rest?  Me

Who has nothing to talk about when ladies get together to talk about their shopping sprees?  Me  Who does have something to say?  John

You knows EVERY internet site related to a prospective gift and all the best deals? John

Who poops out and rethinks the purchase when it's time to fill out all the online information? Me

So needless to say, my shopping is done, gifts are sent, all letter envelopes are licked (yeah, don't think about it, if you're a recipient). All set.

One day I sat down with Keane to pick out a Compassion gift and I prayed, because we are on a budget. I had my own understanding of my bank account, but wanted to pick what God wanted me to pick, not what I thought I could afford.  So, in the true nature of the "casting lots" verse, I had Keane pick something out...."Please not a farm (that's not really an option)."  He picked out something so reasonable that I purchased two of them. God is good.

I hope, even if you are at your wits end wondering how you are going to afford Christmas this year, that you'll grab your kid, set them in front of the computer and have them pick something out for someone who really needs it (I mean, check out the list, Wii isn't on there. This is stuff we take for granted). Do this in faith......don't call me if they pick a farm.  God's will, that's all I have to say.

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