06 November 2011

This Rocks!

It's awesome that I'm doing this from the iPad, not awesome that I'm most likely going to lose my typing skills.

The 7in7 challenge is coming up. No linkage, sorry. Even if I had that feature, I have no idea how to use it. Just look it up under Aaron Ivey.

Everyone who song writes needs to try it. I think it's going to be quite the challenge, but I'll try to have everything done I need to have done and just focus on that for the seven days...and laundry. Still working without a dryer.

There are a couple stipulations I'm going to add to challenge myself (not that I won't be), one "undeclared", if you know what I mean.

1. At least two worship songs.

I'm not very good at these. I'm pretty self absorbed. No "I", or "me", maybe "we".

2. Different tempos.

3. (undeclared) Different genres (country/gospel, folk, southern rock, etc.)

Typing like this is getting annoying, adios!

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