03 November 2011

Halloween 2011

I took Keane out for his first time trick-o-treating.  He skipped the "trick" part when he knocked on the doors.  Just, "Treat?" in his high pitched sincerity and expectancy.

I love seeing little kids in costume.  I love their naive uncertainty, their willingness to give it a go at their parent's beckoning. Cascading princess skirts, plastic masks slipping from their appointed positions, bouncing tutus, Moms and Dads standing in back... beaming, assuming their guard position, full of love.

 Zeke was saying, "Who's in charge here, I need to submit a complaint."

 They were so cute.  Thank you Grandma for the costumes. 

There were no other kids out when we went out, which was kind of a bummer, but all the houses had candy, which was odd. A family on our block threw a party on the street.  It was sort of creepy, I mean, dark stuff, scary music....not my thing, but they were fun to talk to.

Maybe some kids will dress up and join us next year.

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